Not automatically selecting forced subtitle tracks

What are the proper subtitle settings for Infuse to automatically select subtitles with a default or forced flag in an MKV container?

Use case: I am watching a primarily English language movie/tv show with subtitled foreign language sections on an AppleTV. I have used MKVToolNix to flag the appropriate subtitle tracks as “Default” and “Forced.” Plex recognizes the forced flag. The subtitles are PGS format from Blu-ray rips.

In the Infuse AppleTV player, my settings are Playback->Subtitles->Forced Only and Language->Subtitles->Auto, but this still does not automatically select the default or forced track and I have to manually select it. Infuse recognizes the Default and Forced flags on the subtitle selection menu, but it does not automatically select them upon playback.

I have also tried Playback->Subtitles->Forced Only and Language->Subtitles->English, but this automatically selects the first English language subtitle track even on MKVs where there is not a Forced flag.

Any tips for settings that will force Infuse to automatically select the default/forced subtitle track upon playback of a file?

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