Not all audio languages displayed

Here’s another thing, that I always find confusing, and takes time.

In some movies I experience, that not all available languages are displayed by name. It might say English, but then only displays the other audio tracks by the format without the language. As in these cases the language switches to English instead of German, in my case, you need to search the right language.
Which is not really cool.
I added two pics. One from infuse, and one from Hometheater. It shows the same movie and file. In HT you can see, that it is displaying German and will also play automatically. Infuse is having the problem described.
Infuse is set to German audio.

Can you run one of these videos through MediaInfo and post the detailed specs here?

Alternatively, you can upload a sample video here.

Hi James, thanks for your support.
I think I found the problem and the solution.
The movie is spread over two discs. There is an nfo file per disc and one overall nfo for both.
After I copied the overall file into both of the disc folders, the language was presented in the way I need it.
Although other languages were not shown anymore. Only English and German.
So it seems, that infuse is looking in to the disc folders, while HT is looking at the overall nfo.
Here are the two nfo files.
If I may say, For me the HT solution is the better one, as it gives me directly what I need.
the.lord.of.the.rings.the.fellowship.of.the.ring.2001.extended.complete.uhd.bluray-boredor.nfo (3.3 KB)

The.Lord.of.the.Rings.The.Fellowship.of.the.Ring.2001.EXTENDED.PART1.COMPLETE.UHD.BLURAY-BOREDOR.nfo (42.5 KB)

MediaInfo.txt (337 Bytes)
Btw, this is what I got out of the media info. I’m afraid that’s not very helpful.

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