Not Able To Search TV Show By Keywords


I am having some trouble using Infuse on Apple TV. I have Infuse connected to an Emby service provider and all meta data were synced successfully to Infuse. However, I was not able to locate some TV shows by searching. For example, I know this TV show ( Crime Crackdown (TV Series 2021- ) — The Movie Database (TMDB) ) is provided by that Emby service as I could locate that by searching its Chinese name in Emby Client on Apple TV. I tried searching using its Chinese name “扫黑风暴” or partial Chinese name “扫黑” or its English name “Crime Crackdown” or partial English name “Crackdown”. None of them gave me the expected result. I would like to understand how metadata of non-english videos is saved in Infuse so I could use the right keyword to search for that.

I am using Infuse Pro 7.1.2(3810) and have “Audio”, “Subtitles” and “Metadata” set to “Auto” in language settings. Apple TV version: tvOS 14.7 (18M60).

Below is a screenshot of my language settings:

Can you check to ensure you have your Emby libraries selected in Infuse > Settings > Library?

Search will only work for items which are included in the Library.

Thanks for the reply. I am pretty sure Emby libraries are selected. Actually I am able to see that TV show in “Recently Added TV shows” section on Infuse home page but still not able to locate it by searching its keywords.

If you navigate to Settings > Infuse > Library it will display list of your Emby libraries, and you’ll want to ensure a check mark is placed next to each item (or at least the ones you want to include).

Thanks for advice. I double checked the emby library and they were marked. So I guess this issue might be related to how metadata is being used as keywords in searches.

Some more findings:

Besides Apple TV, I also installed latest Infuse Pro on Mac and enabled iCloud sync. All the settings for Language are the same. However, I am able to locate the Chinese TV series on Mac Infuse but still not on Apple TV infuse. Not sure why is that.

Some background: Previously I added and removed emby sources many times for testing. Each time after adding emby source, I would delete all metadata and have infuse fetch the whole metadata to avoid any residuals from removed sources.

Do these titles appear with English names when browsing in Emby, or do they appear with Chinese names?

Do the full and correct names appear when browsing in Infuse?

Are other search terms working in Infuse?