Not able to restore Infuse 6 Pro on AppleTV?


Maybe I went around updating the wrong way?

I updated to Infuse 6 from Infuse 5 via the bundle option on my iPad through the app store. My iPad now shows Infuse 6 Pro in the settings (so far so good).

I downloaded Infuse 6 to my AppleTV, I go to restore purchase and the icon just shakes.

I swear I was able to do this across Infuse 5, does having Pro on iOS no longer entitle me to Pro on tvOS?

Is there no way to cheaply lifetime update from 5 to 6 on tvOS?

Infuse Pro and Infuse are two separate products. If you did and upgrade from 5 pro to 6 pro then you’ll need to download the standalone infuse pro 6 on tvOS. The regular infuse is only for those who paid for a subscription rather than a standalone product.

I have Infuse Pro standalone on iOS, but when I go to download the Pro standalone on tvOS, its asking for 34 bucks.

It should show up in your “purchased” items. If you have multiple accounts on your Apple TV make sure you’re signed into the proper account.

If this doesn’t work I’d escalate this up to Apple as it’s an App Store issue with your account.

Thanks for this, you’ve given me an avenue to pursue.

Its not in my Purchased list, but the app IS on my device. Out of curiosity, I deleted the app from my phone and went back to the bundle to see if I could redownload and now its asking for me to pay again. My current suspicion is I wasn’t billed correctly but the issue is definitely with the App store and not Filecore.

It seems the App Store can take a bit to update after purchasing a bundle.

Here’s a thread with a solution which has been confirmed to work by a few others who were seeing this issue.

This resolved my issue, thank you!

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