Not able to play my movies from my USB drive anymore

I used to be able to mount and view movies from my USB drive. With the latest ATV Flash, the drive is seen with NitoTV but unable to play the movies (MP4) -message: cannot play the format (I did installed the Codecs). Before the upgrade I used to play my movies using “Files”, then selecting the USB drive (which shows in the possible selection), then I get a choice of folders (I have two on the drive - movies and television). But on the left side of the screen beside Movies I have a generic “Music” icon - note - , and if I select this (folder movie), Apple TV goes back to the Apple logo, with a funky character in the upper left corner, then brings me back to the main Menu selection (Movies, TV shows, Podcast, etc).

How do I get back on playing my movies?

With the latest Maintenance patch from ATV Flash, everything is now in order. Thanks!