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I have a three part documentary entitled “The Life of Muhammad”. If I do a search in TMDB web site and in Infuse (my understand this is the source of your data to match movie, tv shows artwork and metadata with your customer’s video files), the only result I get is “The life and times of Muhammad Ali”. The same search on IMDB results in the proper answer.

Is there a way to redirect Infuse searches to IMDB so I can get the proper match? Or even better, a way to correct the TMDB web site?

Thank in advance for your prompt response.

Just to clarify a bit, mini series like this one would be considered a TV show and TV shows get their metadata from TheTVDB. If you name the three episodes
“The Life of Muhammad S01E01.mkv” and so on you’ll get the correct metadata. Just be advised there are no season 1 posters yet so it will show a blank for the episodes but will show the Series poster if you have the right file structure.
The Life of Muhammad File structure

You can join TheTVDB and upload posters for season 1 if you like. That will help both you and others.

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Thank you. It did the trick.

You’re welcome! :+1:

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