Not able to get local files on iOS/iPad to show in Infuse 6 Pro library?

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I’m starting to transfer movies to my iPad Pro 12,9-inch 3. Gen for my upcoming long-haul flight and I noticed that transferring and saving the files locally in the “Files” app in iOS 12.3.2 or iOS/iPadOS 13 BETA’3 does not seem to work with Infuse?

I can’t seem to locate any way within the app to open local files? Even after transferring the files within the “Infuse” folder that already exist in the Files-app on my iPad they are still not being picked up by Infuse. I can open the files app, locate the *.mkv file and use the open/forward function within iOS and choose “Copy to Infuse”. The Infuse 6 Pro app will open but nothing happens, nothing copies, no video is starting, it’s not showing in the library, nothing.

Playing these files directly using SMB/File-share works as intended, but obviously that’s not going to work on the flight.

I was hoping to use Infuse with locally stored *.mkv files as I have 1TB of storage, so there should be plenty and as most of my Plex-library exists of BluRay remux’es with 4K HEVC encoded video and Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio audio I would have to spend a lot of time letting Plex re-encode them into iOS-compatible formats as SYNC feature in Plex enforces you to re-encode the files. Re-encoding 4K HEVC into 20mbps 1080p h.264 and re-encoding the audio takes forever and might cause de-sync so I would much rather just toss the original files into the iPad and have Infuse Pro do it’s magic.

Am I overlooking something here? We’ve had the Files-app for a while now so it seems strange for Infuse to be incapable of adding these files to it’s library, or at least manually playback the individual *.mkv’s one by one?

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This is the behaviour of the files app. Move the files over using iTunes or download them from within Infuse for offline viewing (they won’t be re-encoded).

Somehow I managed to completely ignore the download function within Infuse, that pretty much solves it all!

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