Norwegian WebTv using aTV Flash


Sorry for this country specific question, but maybe the answers can work for other countries too.

I want to watch the two major Norwegian TV channels WebTV solution using aTV Flash and wonder if it is possible. uses Windows Media Player to play the program. have a Silverstream applications. They also have an iphone and ipad app, but due to some copyright laws they cant show all programs on these devises.


Do you think/know if I can use aTV flash for these two sites?





OK, have figured out that I can watch NRK thru xbmc. No solution for tv2 sumo yet.



Hi Endre!

First of all; NRK is in the process of developing a new internet-tv-platform that will use h.264 videos played by a flash front-end, but I also know that it will be supported on iPhone and probably also iPad eventually. This means that CouchSurfer Pro should also be able to use it. For now you can add the mobile-version of their current internet-TV-solution to CouchSurfer’s bookmarks and watch from there. This is based on h.264 (I guess) and works fine, it is also a lot easier to browse this version with a remote. :slight_smile:

When it comes to TV 2, the story is a little different. Their solution is based on Silverlight as you know, Silverlight is currently not supported on either iPhone or iPad wich means it is not supported on the ATV either. As silverlight is a propitary format it isn’t simple to implement it without help from Microsoft. There is however some experimenting on running iPhone or iPad apps on the ATV, but it is still in an early phase: As of now there just isn’t a way to watch TV 2 Sumo on ATV as far as I know.

Hope this gave you some answers!
Freebird :slight_smile: