noob question - beta to firm 1.0

ok so I took the plunge about a month ago, have beta version running. now that firm 1.0 is out do I need to update.


IF so can I do via update feature wireless or do I have to re flash my aptv 2


Dont beat me up to bad. Im over 40 and trying to keep up with da young guns.

Newer versions have bug fixes and improvements - not necessary to update - but recommended if you can.


Install over the top - using windows or mac. Job done :wink:

I understand it has fixes and enhancements, I guess what my quetsion is can I do it wirelessly from the udpate menu or do I have to take it to my computer and re flash or re install this new 1.0 update through the micro usb


It does it from your mac/pc over wi fi to the ATV2



I too am interested in updating to the Firm 1.0 but I have had trouble doing the update as it says that I need to jailbreak my ATV2 which I have already successfully done. I’ve been watching XBMC etc…

Firstly, I have not updated the ATV2 since I purchased it in May but have regularly upgraded the beta versions of aTV Flash (black).

Do I need to update the AppleTV2 firmware and re-jailbreak it before it will accept Firm 1.0?


There is nothing really wrong with the current system but will the upgrade make that much difference?

Please assist


In theory you should just be able to update over WiFi from your PC/Mac without redoing the jailbreak (that worked for me).   What version of Apple software is on your ATV2 - maybe that is the issue?