Noob Question - AFP Mounts

I,m trying to connect to an AFP share on an Iomega NAS


In the nedia menu I’ve managed to create a SMB share but cannot get the same share setup using the afp menu.

I can mount the NAS to my laptop using the following

sudo mount -t afp afp://IX2-200-THUBCE.local/Torrents /Volumes/meeja


I’ve tried various combinations on the ATV(black): with “Guest” and without, with “.local” and without but I’m stumped.


Consistently get

“AFP Connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/Password”

Here’s my current settings


Server: IX2-200-THUBCE.local\Torrents




Any ideas?



Sorry typo in post above - problem still stands


The address is IX2-200-THUBCE.local/Torrents in Settings