Noob here messed up and need help or answers

Ok, so I just bought an apple tv 2 and it had 4.2 firmware on it…long story short as I was trying to jailbreak it itunes kept denying the restore so I fucked up and updated it to 5.3. So I think I read that there isn’t a way to downgrade to an earlier firmware…is this true? And does anyone know how quickly they usually come out with jailbreak updates? Thank you


no you can not unfortunately you are stuck on 5.3, it can take as little as a week and as long as 6 months. that’s if they’re will be another jailbreak at all

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why wouldn’t there be another jailbreak?

Jailbreaks can be hard to find as they depend on finding security vulnerabilities in the Apple provided firmware.   Even when one is found if it also applies to iPhone/iPad devices then the jailbreaking community may not use it to produce a failbreak for the ATV2 until a new release of firmware for the iPad/iPhone family has been produced as they do not want Apple to remove the vulnerability that has been exploited.

As an example the ATV3 has still not had a jailbreak despite the fact it it has been out for over a year.

Not all releases of ATV2 firmware have been jailbroken - although the reason for that is normally that a new Apple firmware has been produced before one could be found and prepared for distribution so the later firmware ends up being the one jailbroken.