Non Thererd Jailbreak 4.2.1 and NOT Working aTV

Hi, there.

I have just bought my Apple TV and aTV.

I have successfully Jailbreaked My Apple TV to iOS 4.2.1 (Because there Was already installed the 4.2.1 OS and the JB of iOS 4.1 didn't work)

but aTV Flash doesen't work. I Cannot Install it. I get the message "Sorry, the installer could not connect to your AppleTV.".

When will you publish aTV Flash for iOS 4.2.1? Will it be installable without Jailbreaking?

Well, i have made it.

Au first, my jailbreak wasn't untethered, it just looked like. So I have built a script for my Linux-Computer, that recognizes, that my Apple TV wants to boot up and runs the tether-script. (So, it's half tethered ;-))


Then i have installed the 4 .deb packages in contents/plugins/...updates.../contents/ressources/payload.tar

But except of the settings menu, i cannot see anything new. The web-browser cannot be installed and even the plugin says, that i have non-solved dependencies.

So, i have to wait for the official support for 4.2.1. When will it come?