Non-surround Airplay -> bad sound & movies that won't play

I’ve just bought the Pro version - first time I’ve used InFuse and a lot to spend on an app for me - and having two large, related and unexpected problems. Help?

Firstly I’m not using surround sound (so didn’t post in the sticky thread) and am playing sound via AirPlay to an AirPort Express attached via phono to my old hifi amplifier. This works fine in all other apps but when I play a movie in InFuse, I get a horribly loud fluttering/stuttering sound at every new movie that plays. I have to pulldown the menu rapidly and switch “Dolby Digital over AirPlay” to Off to make sound work but don’t know how to make this default. I’ve tried the suggestions in that thread for surround sound users such as setting the “Surround Sound” mode (in my case from Auto to Stereo) and setting the “Audio Mode” to 16 bit but they don’t help. The sound is really loud and makes usability a nightmare.

I don’t get this sound via non-AirPlay - but I need to use AirPlay to non-surround sound systems. As I said, this works fine in every other movie app.

Secondly I’m finding a lot of movie files never start to play with the ATV is swapped to play via AirPlay, seem to load endlessly, but work fine when AirPlay is disabled. My server is a Synology NAS running SMB at the latest update level, and I’ve tried forcing SMB versions 2 and 3 and I get the same. Some files play fine so it’s not a basic network problem, server or protocol issue, and the ones that don’t play on my Apple TV play fine on Infuse 3 on my iPhone with AirPlay enabled to the Apple TV, which magically passes the audio onto the AirPort Express, and all works fine. So the problem is only in the Apple TV version of Infuse.

I appreciate this is a first production version but I’m hoping there’s a fix I can employ now, or this is a known problem with solution soon? Happy to provide any more information. Thanks!

I have the same problem… Help much appreciated!?

Infuse sidebar settings menu - disable ‘Dolby over AirPlay’.

Thanks for the reply James but I’m not seeing any sidebar. I’ve tried every setting in Settings for 4.0.1 (Dolby, DTS) and nothing helps. If you mean the top swipe down bar, it hardly ever gets that far - just the beachball on screen the moment you press Play. Very occasionally it gets past this and you can swipe down and disable Dolby to fix the sound, but this is 1 in 50 times, and not consistent across movie files.

They play fine when you disable AirPlay, and they play fine with AirPlay turned on when you play from another iOS device, either directly to the AirPort Express for just audio, to via the Apple TV for video, which passes on audio via AirPlay to the AirPort express twice.

If you mean the swipe down, if I could get to it I’d use it for now as a stopgap but it’s hardly ever doable (and presumably even then we’re not seeing this as a longterm fix).

All other movie apps I’ve tried on Apple TV work fine with AirPlay enabled.

This is very frustrating for those of us who rely on AirPlay for audio - could you tell me if this is a known problem, update this thread on whether you can reproduce it, and let me know what else I can try. I’m happy to provide any feedback you need.

Should add that I lodged a request for this (#73794) before 4.0.1 was released but haven’t heard more. When I go to the link in my request report it draws a blank:

As you posted your original issue in the iOS sub-forum and not the tvOS sub-forum the answer that James provided was appropriate for the current version of Infuse on iOS.

So I did, thanks for making the obvious obvious to me. I’ll repost in the ATV forum.
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