non-itunes purchased movies and tv shows missing

I recently updated to atv software 2.4 and upgraded to atvflash 3.6.1 and everything was working like normal until I looked in My Movies and noticed that, unlike previous editions of both softwares, my ripped movies (and tv shows) where missing! This is the main reason why I purchased this software and would really really like it to work. All of the movies had been showing up perfectly before the updates but now they will not show up. I don’t sync my movies but rather stream them from my macbook pro through itunes because I have so many. Please help! Really need this to work!

Where are you not seeing the movies? NitoTV, Sapphire, ATVFiles, All of the Above?

actually I used to be able to see them directly under the standard apple tv “My Moves” and “My TV Shows” just like my purchased content. This is where they have gone missing since the update

I see, I’ll have to look into that. Maybe Apple changed some things in 2.4. I’ll get back to you soon.

any information on this yet?