Non-english subtitles on Apple TV - how to ?

Hi, I am having a problem. When watching a movie with subtitles apple tv does not show them properly. Instead of Polish diacritic marks I am getting sort of code equivalent of the given letter so instead of ą, ć, ż, ź and so on I am getting $%^ and so forth. In other players like VLC all I need to do is to change the default encoding to eastern Europe or so. How do I do this in case of apple tv ?

Any help appreciated.


Same problem here. Did You find a solution?


I’m French and I had the same problem.
In fact, the problem (for me) is only when I use “MPlayer” to watch the videos.
If I use “QuickTime”, no “bad signs”.
The bad thing with “QuickTime” is that I can’t (or I don’t know how) change the font size (which is big !)