noise at all movies



i hope anyone can help me. i updated my atv2 to the latest version of seasonpass and the latest version of atv flash.

i always use the media player to stream movies and series from my nas (diskstation 211j) it worked perfect for the last year, but since i have updated i have this annoying sound, like a white noise but even louder and scratchy. 

i tried more films now and it seems like this is only a problem of bigger files and does not matter if its mkv or avi. both the same noise.

but normal series (45 min) work normal. so there is the normal audio and everything is fine!

i also updated the media player today. but it doesnt helped.

so i hope anyone have a hint for me!



Try turning off the AC3 option in the media player sound settings.

I have seen previous postings mention the this option often doesn’t work correctly when the ATV is connected directly to the TV (and produces the symptoms you report), but works fine when connected via an AV Receiver.

I seem to remember another sound option mentioned as well but I don’t have access to my ATV at the moment to check on what it is called.

Anyway try playing with the sound options in the Media Player settings and see if that cures your problem.


seems like it is working! thank you very much!!! :)