No Youtube after activating Perian h264

How do I go back to Apple’s h264. After I activated the Perian 1 now the video doesn’t play in Apple’s youtube module only the audio, please advise?

Perian is installed with aTV Flash, so there is no need to install it manually.

If the Apple H.264 component was disabled, it can be easily re-enabled by re-flashing the ApplleTV with aTV Flash. This can be done right on top of your working system, no need to erase or factory restore.

thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try this.

Didn’t work. Same problem. Sound no video. Works in XBMC

Short of reformatting again and stepping back up anyone have a solution for this? Is there a command line option to change it back?

What happened is the Apple codec was moved into a ‘Disabled’ folder. Getting it back isn’t the easiest thing, but it can be done by connecting to the AppleTV via SSH through Terminal.

Once connected, copy/paste the following command into Terminal and hit enter. Enter ‘frontrow’ when prompted for a password.

sudo mv /System/Library/Quicktime/Disabled/QuickTimeH264.component /System/Library/Quicktime/
Restart the AppleTV and you’ll be back to normal.

Worked thankyou