No XBMC in 5.2 jailbreal and Atv Flashblack2.2

I have update my atv2 with 5.2 and did jailbreak with seasonpass. after updating with atvflashblack 2.2 I went to maintenance and then manage extras. XBMC is not listed there. there is NITO tv.

Am I missing something?



I think this is deliberate as at the moment XBMC is reported to have problems on the 5.2 firmware.  I expect it will re-appear via an update to the Maintenance app once any such issues are resolved.

It’s not listed because XBMC is not supported in 5.2 (yet).

that’s a major downside, I use my ATV almost solely for XBMC and nothing warned me about that.


now what ?


well if you can't wait, simply go back to  5.0.2

Thank you. You’re right.

Also it shouldn’t be a long wait right?


Nothing warned you? dude, it’s all over the place. Didn’t you read Firecore’s blog post? It was perfectly clear

It’s not all over me! :slight_smile:


Um yes they did.  Read first.


Allright, thanks :slight_smile:

I also use my atv2 almost always for XBMC and upgraded, losing XBMC. I too wished there was a warning that it would not appear after installing the latest upgrade. Oh well.


just re jailbreak. 5.0.2 is still being signed.

Thank. I’ve decided to wait it out. I’ll use xbmc through my windows laptop until its fixed.



send it to me, I’'l modify it in about 10 mins and send it back to you

I dropped a gonad and updated my atv 2 has anyone got a season pass backup of 5.02 they can direct me to?


apple is still signing 5.0.2 so just plug it into season pass and right click on creat ipsw and choose 5.0.2


if you are going to do it do it asap because there’s no telling how much longer

You are a star mate, thanks for your assistance.