No way to delete a download file from iPad?

I’m using Infuse 7.1 with the latest iPad Pro.
With Infuse 6 when I watched a download episode or film I clicked on the top right 3-dots menu and click on Delete.
This option it’s no included on 7.1 or I can’t see it.

How can I download individual downloaded files?

Yes I have the same issue on iPadOS, I believe this is a bug because on iPhone you can do that, Hope they fix that soon.

This looks like a bug.

The current version requires ‘File Management’ to be enabled in order to delete files. However, this should only be required to delete remote/streamed files from their original location.

We’ll be fixing this so local/synced files can be deleted without having to enable this setting, like in past versions.

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Thanks so much James!
I used to download content to watch away from home frequently. Maybe I should buy a portable USB HDD not to continue download/remove content from the iPad.

The missing delete button has been re-added in today’s 7.0.2 update.

Thanks for the report! :slight_smile:

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