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Hello, few days ago my Infuse app was wiped to default setting (means the whole library disappeared). I don’t know what reason was (maybe the latest tvOS update?).
Anyway, I have created the new one (library) and logged into my Trakt account. Everything seems to be OK except missing indicator for already watched movies/tv shows. This indicator is missing at all, there are visible only indicators for unwatched or “progress watching”. But when I have watched something, trakt is showing correctly watched movie/tv shows, but not Infuse. Also one strange thing, on the home screen, there is mark for watched items as full orange stripe at the bottom of miniature.
However, in Infuse on iPhone/iPad I can see indicator also for watched items (on list view).
tvOS and Infuse are running on the latest versions (Infuse = 5.7.4) and I am a PRO user.

I have already tried to log out from Trakt and log in back and also to reinstall Infuse on my ATV4, but no change :(.

What do you see in Infuse for items that have been watched?

Are you using Plex by chance?

Hi James, thank you for quick response.

  1. For watched items I don’t see any indicator in default library view (miniatures), however on “list view” I can see it and also if I click on movie details.
    Here are some screens → Dropbox - Error
  2. I haven’t tried Plex at all. Almost for 3 years, my setup is the same: NAS as storage + Infuse on ATV4.

Thanks for the info.

What you are seeing is actually done by design, as Infuse will only show the orange triangle on new/partially watched items.

This allows you to quickly scan your library and see new/unfinished items. If the indicator were to be displayed on all items, it would be more difficult to find things that are unwatched.

Thank you for explanation, my mistake. Anyway, I would bet, that there was also watched indicator before :slight_smile: .

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