No visible icons of my jailbreak



I am all new to jailbreaking iDevices. My iPad was successful. nothing difficult about that. My AppleTV is something other :wink:


The problem that i have now is that after I jailbroke my AppleTV. I can not see any (jailbreak)-icons on my AppleTV.

The settings icon is changed to the FireCore logo. I can login by SSH with the alpine password and i can see that there are some jailbreak files are installed. (like org.awkwardtv and org.xbmc.repo files).


What am I doing wrong ? someone any idea ?


Kind regards,


What are you intending to do after jailbreaking?

If you can see the FireCore icon then the Jailbreak has succeeded.

If you have bought the ATV Flash software then at this point you can run the ATV Flash installer on your PC/Mac to install the ATV Flash Maintenance app over the network.


what??? you did it correctly after you jail break the unit the only thing you are suppose to see is the fc log on the settings tab. now you have to install everything else

i just tried to install the plex-app. By SSH and the command ‘dpkg -l’ i can find the plex-files and have restarted my AppleTV (killall AppleTV). But i can not see the app.



What version of firmware did you jailbreak? At this time most apps other than the FireCore ones and XBMC are incompatible with the 5.2 firmware



Like i just said. I am new with jailbreaking. :slight_smile: I installed the aTV flash and now that is working as it shoud.

Just plex is not working. Someone any idea ?


Thank you for you support !