No video

Uhm… so I think everything is installed, but whenever I select a video within Boxee or Hulu, the menu says the video is playing but all I get is what appears to be the website where the video is being streamed from. No vide, no sounds… nothing. I have even tried different channels within Boxee, like CNN. Again, all I get is a web page, with no video or sounds.

Anyone have any ideas?

Oh… and when I first power on the AppleTV, the cool video plays… but no sounds. How buggy is this software? Nothing works!!!

Some videos in Boxee will require Adobe Flash to be installed. We have a guide for doing this here:

Heck ! Same problem here & Adobe flash is not working. I picked up the CoreAudioKit.Framework files green-light site.

Incase anyone knows some other source or work around to this error , let me know.