No video will play

Hi there

I just upgraded my Infuse to Pro 2.3.1, using the iPad Air.  I'm streaming from a Buffalo Linkstation NAS which is wired into an ASUS RT-N56U router.  

The app finds everything fine on the NAS, Metadata loads really nicely, in fact everything is great until I go to play something and it says: 

'An error occurred loading this content'

On every single file.  Movie, TV show.  MKV, MP4, AVI, everything.  

I'm sure there must be some setting I don't have right because literally nothing will play, at all.  

Please help!  Thanks. 

Hmm, it sounds like it may be a permission issue with the NAS.

Are you using a username password in Infuse to connect? Is guest access enabled?

Thank you very much for the reply - it was a permissions issue and it’s now sorted!

While you’re here though, I have a still completely unresolved issue which I’m desperate for help with if you have time -

Many thanks.