No video playback (but preview on ffd and rwd work)

I have an odd discrepancy with two devices when I try playing a movie.

Room 2 plays the movie fine.

Room 1 plays audio fine but doesn’t have video. However, when I fast forward the thumbnail in the bottom does show the video preview.

Room 1 Setup

TV: Sony A90J
Apple 4K: 3rd generation
Apple TV OS: Latest (non-beta)

Room 2 Setup

Apple 4K: 2nd generation
Apple TV OS: Latest (non-beta)

Both Apple TV’s are 1:1 with how their video settings are configured.

HDMI directly connecting both TV’s and Apple TV - no receivers, etc. in between.

I’ve tried a different HDMI cable to eliminate that.

All devices are on the same network and have similar speed test results.

Media is in a Synology.

File size: 72GB

File type: MKV

Note, I’ve tested larger files (>80GB) and they’ve played fine.

I can’t move Apple TV’s between rooms due to where they’re located.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

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