No Video on Hulu/CBS in Boxee

When I try to watch shows on Hulu or CBS through Boxee, there’s no video - though the program is “playing,” since when I hit the remote, I can see via the progress bar that time has passed. Is this because I need to go through the Tiger/Flash CoreAudioKit frameworks install detailed in the wiki? I assumed that was only for Flash via Couchsurfer. My assumption was that Boxee would work out of the box…

Boxee should work out of the box. If you were to install Boxee manually without a patch then it should work. As far as Hulu content, I know that is at best “iffy” as Hulu does not want to be on Boxee, but Boxee finds ways to get around Hulu’s blocking technology. As for CBS let me try my Boxee and let you know how it goes.

I am having the same / similar problem with CBS. It gives me a white screen, with one video box in the top left corner, which is black, and then ‘Related Videos’. But it indicates it is playing CBS content. If i use menu to back up, it says Now Playing: with the tv title in it. I am trying to access this from Germany.

Same thing happened to me I was going to play a hulu tv show and all i see is a hulu web page no video. :cry:

Are U in Canada ?

got the same problem, but with every kind of online media. Only the local media works.

I’m from Italy.

I am having the same problem from the US for the third straight day. Before that, Hulu worked fine. :oops:

This seems to be a widespread problem with Boxee. Hopefully it will be resolved in the upcoming beta version for AppleTV.

Same thing no Boxee/Hulu video

I attempted Hulu on Couch Surfer and Hulu told me that it required a newer version of the Adobe Flash Player. Maybe that’s the problem as I can watch the daily show off the comedy central app on Boxee, but nothing on hulu…

ATVFlash 4.0.5 does not appear to fix the issue with Hulu, bummer!!!

I’m in the U.S. and I too have lots of problems with Hulu on Boxee. I can browse episodes just fine, but once I try to play anything I just get a black screen. Same thing if I log in and try to call up my queue.

Same problem here with Hulu, although CBS works fine for me. The WB on Boxee doesn’t work for me (says it’s playing but no audio/video). I just updated to the latest Boxee/XBMC through the Maintenance menu.


Yeah, no joy in Mudville. I didn’t expect 4.0.5 to fix Hulu since I would assume that when they get Adobe Flash working they will announce it. It won’t be a low profile fix.


I tried the CoreAudioKit.frameworks updater idea that is on the aTV support site, installing from the Tiger install disk and it did not work – hulu says it wants Flash v10.2.22 or better… Running 4.0.5 in the US

WHY CAN’T WE UPDATE FLASH PLAYER 10 YET? This is keeping us from using Boxee for Comedy Centrel, Hulu and more. Come on, ATVFlash is almost worthless without this feature. Its what I use it for nearly exclusively and its been busted for a month now.

I am in total agreement. Frankly, this was my primary reason for buying this product last weekend. So far I am not very impressed. I get fairly frequent crashes and cannot watch HULU content. As a new customer, my experience is not favorable.

Ditto for me as well. I’ve installed everything properly as the Screencast Online tutorial showed. I have “Install Extras --> Adobe Flash” installed, but I can’t get video to display on Hulu. The screen just goes black once I chose a video to watch.

The current version of Adobe Flash ( can be installed through the Maintenance --> Install Extras menu, however even with this installed some video streams in Boxee will not work correctly. These issues should be resolved in the upcoming Boxee beta.

Same thing here. Mostly purchased this (appletv & atvflash) for streamed media such as daily show. It seems that this is one of the only things it doesn’t do. Have done the coreaudiokit. No help. Awaiting upgrade/update to Boxee?