No video for youtube and podcasts!!

Today after installing Atv 3.5, I can not watch Youtube and Video Podcasts. I don’t know if it is related to Atv but there is sound but no images. Movies, Tv shows and downloaded files working normally. … any idea?

Ok, to give you more detail, after updating, I did install a few application like webkite update, Mplayer and Flip4mac. So I did re patch Apple TV again with the same patch but without any success.


Let me expand on this for everyone. Also farshad let me know he was having CyberDuck problems. First I’ll start with CyberDuck, you have to connect via SFTP, that gives you the full path for the Apple TV. If you connect via FTP, you only have the home folder. To connect via SFTP, look at the screen shots below.

Onto the problem at hand. Using CyberDuck or Fugu go to the root of the Apple TV, then to System > Library > QuickTime and see if the QuickTimeH264.component folder is there. I don’t know for sure since I do not have this problem, but if it is not located there then look for a QuickTime disabled folder in System > Library and see if the h264 folder is in there. If you find it then move it over to you Mac and then back in CyberDuck or Fugu go to the root of the Apple TV and then Users > frontrow > Library > QuickTime and drop that h264 folder in there. Restart your Apple TV and see if that works. I hope this was clear enough. If TheLadyX happens to read this, please elaborate if you can.

Thanks again.

I did all that, except in the last part, It did not allow me to put the file back on quicktime folder and said You do not have sufficient permission to Perform the operation. Also QuickTimeH264.component was in a folder called Disabled in System/Library/QuickTime. So I just need to some how change the permission … How?

The place you put it in in not on the System Library, but the frontrow Library folder. So copy the h264 component in to the Users > frontrow > Library > QuickTime folder. If you log in to the Apple TV then you should already be in the frontrow folder.

Ok, I did use Terminal and had the same Permission problem. Finally I find out to use SUDO, and here you are, done, I moved it in the QuickTime folder. Then check it but not working :wink: Of course I should Shutdown AppleTV. I did, and thanks to your help, I can watch everything again. Youtube works, Podcasts works, my mv4 videos Works … Thanks again. What was the reason to put that folder in Disabled folder? Did new version of aTV flash is the responsible?

In a previous version of nitoTV, the user was given the option to use the Apple H.264 coded or Perian codec in the Install Software menu. It wasn’t necessary to install as aTV flash automatically installs Perian, but choosing one would disable the other.

The aTV Flash installs the Perian codec alongside the Apple H.264 codec, which is the optimal combination for video playback.


This is really helpful information - and my H264 was in fact in the wrong place, my problem now is that everytime I try to copy it or move it or download/upload it I get an error saying I don’t have sufficient permissions to perform this operation. The QuickTimeH264.component folder is in: /System/Library/QuickTime/Disabled and I’m trying to move it to /System/Library/QuickTime

You can’t move it into /System without doing some Terminal commands. Just move it into /Users/frontrow/Library/QuickTime/ and then reboot the Apple TV and you should be fine.

^ I was reluctant to do so because I didn’t have a quicktime folder in that path, but I created one and put the codec in there and everything is working perfectly - thank you very much for your help.

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