No Video / Blank Preview

Some of the Videos (Movies & Music Videos)that are synced with iTunes and in the AppleTV standard menus do not show video, but audio plays fine.
And if I press the Rwd/Fwd buttons that menu pops up as if it were actually seeking thru the video.
In addition the preview that would show in the Cover Flow Parade in the menu are not previews, but just white boxes.

I’ve tried switching the codec from mplayer to quicktime and mixed, but none of these adjustments help.


Seems the apple movies area as synced by itunes are just white blank movies now. It shows the titles. Shows how long they are how big but nothing plays. It’s just very zen white and when you go to play very black with nothing happening. Sapphire doesn’t work either. NITO TV DOES work.

So what is going on?

I erased the movies from the Apple TV (DE synced them saw the space was freed up then restarted and synced them and still same all white previews and no play movies…) They play fin in my MacPro Tower and show up fine in iTunes…

Any ideas? Hopefully this is monitored by support or someone will tell a new user where to put this post so it get’s reviewed. I’m running the latest update (since 1/17/09)


MK aka flymaus

Sorry all, I’ve been very busy this week with my 9-5 job and being out of town too. As for the white screen or no video problems, I’ve never had that happen to me. It has to be a codec problem. Did either of you install QuickTime from the Maintenance menu?

Hey no problem. I’m just happy for a reply at all…

Yes I did… Yes I think I did install quicktime from the maintenance menu. The audio underneath the white video works. But just black when playing. So should I uninstall quicktime or instal over it with perian again?

O wize one in the ways of AppleTv… please guide me so I have my full functionality back…


Try this, re-create the patch on your USB drive and re-patch the Apple TV. You won’t loose anything on the AppleTV, but what I hope is whatever has changed will go back to being working again. Let me know if that fixes it or not.

I got mine to work finally.

Apparently the h.264 codec was disabled - I found this out by exploring the ATV with fugu and looking in the main Quicktime folders. There in the disabled folder was the h.264.component

I couldn’t move it out because I wasn’t using ssh connection. Nor was I interested in going down that road.

So i just copied the component to my computer and uploaded it the quicktime folder in the ATV Flash area.

Problem solved.

I’m glad you found it, I wouldn’t have been able to guess that as I don’t have a disabled folder like you did. Hopefully this will help out others.

I’m back after a long time…

Thanks for that informative post TheLadyX, I’ll have to try that too.

I JUST installed 3.5 and it doesn’t work. Which was the idea to try & copy a new version of atv flash over it and see if that helped.

So I’ll go TheLadyX route and try that. But wanted to let you know but what LadyX said does seem to make sense since NitoTV worked/works fine just not the Apple “area” movies (my movies in movies) …

Thanks everyone!