No video/audio on BBC iPlayer with 3.61/2.4


I’ve just upgraded my ATV to v2.4 and then flashed with v3.6.1 and everything seems to be working fine (NitoTV, etc) but when I try and watch something in iPlayer (i’m in the UK) I get the initial ‘spindle’ and then the screens goes blank. Nothing. Nada. Pressing the menu button gets me back to the Boxee menu so it doesn’t appear to be freezing (It even says: ‘Playing xxx’ at the top.) Has anyone else come against this and found a solution? I should add i’ve managed to get it working in the past (although it was a bit jittery.)


I have just upgraded to the latest aTV Flash Version 3.6.1 with the 2.4 aTV software update and am having the same issues - iPlayer runs without any video/audio. I am UK based.

Can anyone shed some light on the issue please.


Moody Loner

I wish I could help but I can’t load BBC iPlayer due to being in the States. Maybe iMattUK can shed some light on it or another user outside the States.

Hmmm. I haven’t moved to 3.6.1. Although it sounds like I’m going to lose a feature I quite like, I’ll try to test it tonight!

Well, that didn’t take long to investigate. Before I updated to FW2.4 and aTV Flash 3.6.1 (i.e. with my AppleTV still at the old FW2.3.1 and aTV Flash 3.5.5), I’m seeing the exact same issue with Boxee. My iPlayer Grabber software is still working on my Mac so the BBC haven’t shut us out. My guess is that something broke in the way Boxee is getting the stream or in the way that stream is then rendered/played.

Whatever the case, shout at the Boxee folk not the aTV Flash folk for now!


Matt (who might as well now move to FW2.4!)

Summary: iPlayer does not work on FW2.4 + aTV Flash 3.6.1 nor does BBC Live.

Slightly longer version: I needed to factory restore to get to FW2.4 + aTV Flash 3.6.1 but I think that’s down to my VNC server mods to 3.5.5 (not 100% on that, just know I had the same infinite reboot cycle I had last time I did my VNC patches). Boxee installs fine and works but iPlayer gives a black screen (no video or audio) while the time index does move forward. BBC Live gives an error: “This content doesn’t seem to be working. Try again later.”

Confirmed I am seeing this issue as well. One time I actually got an image…which was the thumbnail image of the video (you see this same image if you are on the iplayer website) with a big play button in the middle. I never got this again though…just the blank screen but moving timeline

Hi. I’m a newbie here so I am after some advice. I just used the patchstick to add boxee to my atv for the main reason that I wanted the iPlayer. I used to have a media center pc and to be fair it was fantastic as MCE worked perfectly as a PVR and if I missed a show I could jump to the web and watch iplayer on my big screen. That pc died and I got a standalone PVR and an atv. Love them but miss the extra functions of the pc.

I think I have been a bit unlucky that I added boxee just days after the 2.4 update and it seems this blocks the one function that I realy want.

I factory reset my atv as I thougt that would help. It sent the atv back to 2.2 and removed the patchstick functions. So I used the patchstick again and reinstalled. But I have the same issue. No video or audio on iPlayer. Why is this, what have I missed?

Also, how long does it normally take for the software to be fixed on issues like this?

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Hi Jim,

You have indeed been unlucky. It was all working beautifully and then broke for an unknown reason. If it is any consolation,it broke for all users still on aTV v2.3 (including me) as well as those on 2.4. My hope is that the Boxee guys can fix this one quickly but in reality nobody knows how long it will take. At a guess maybe within the next month. Your best way to ensure this is to make a lot of noise and nag the Boxee developers!



It seems they do already know and there has been much discussion about this on the Boxee forums:

See post #106 in particular:

A member of the Boxee development team commented that they WILL fix this as that member uses iPlayer as one of his main video feeds!

Just to say that iPlayer is now working again with the latest version of Boxee installed. (I’m also running 3.62.)


Thanks for the update but I’ve now sold my AppleTV and bought a PS3. It has native iPlayer support without hacks and just works. Good luck to the aTV Flash guys, but it’s no longer for me.

Sorry to hear that. The Apple TV needs a major hardware upgrade. I’m really hoping for a Intel Dual Core processor or maybe a faster processor from the Apple-acquired PA Semi soon.

Thanks for the update but I’ve now sold my AppleTV and bought a PS3. It has native iPlayer support without hacks and just works. Good luck to the aTV Flash guys, but it’s no longer for me.[/quote]

If the PS3 could cope with Video_TS folders then I would join you. I’m not about to re-encode nearly 2TB of DVD images so will stick with NitoTV on the ATV for the time being.


Apparently you can concatenate the VOBs into a single one and then DVDShrink it down to a size that can be put on a FAT32 volume (<4GB I believe). But I agree that’s still too much work. Personally I’ve never gone the VOB route, so I’m more than happy with native DivX and iPlayer.

With Nullriver MediaLink you can access folders directly on your Mac as well, then decide if you want to stream a video file from there or copy it locally to the PS3 hard drive. That’s easier than mucking about with FTP on the aTV.

I agree with madcran - if Apple are interested in pursuing the AppleTV as a business, they’ll do some fairly radical hardware and software improvements in the next revision. You know something is seriously wrong when Sony, of all people, are beating Apple in terms of how open and multi-featured the platform is for the same money.