No USB Drive After 3.4.4 update


I installed the 3.4.4 update tonight following the instructions, which seemed to go through fine, but after removing my patchstick and rebooting my Apple TV I can no long get my USB drive to mount. The drive worked fine before the update.

I reset my Apple TV to factory default, reapplied the the patch (after redownloading the ATV files & repatching the stick) 3 times now but it still won’t work. If there isn’t a fix, is there a away for me to roleback to pre the Apple 2.3 update and use an earlier version of ATV (with Sapphire)?

Not sure if it’s connected but after the patch has been applied my Apple TV crashes after the Apple mirrorball animation and only makes it to the menu on the second attempt?


To get USB support back you need to run the Smart Installer found here:

Thanks, that did the trick.

This release still looks a little flaky, I’ve a ton of crashes and freezes since installing.