No thumbnail even though metadata correct?

I have two Apple TV 4K boxes, both running Infuse 6.4.3.

After the recent metadata outage, I spent a long time re-updating all of the metadata to show correct artwork.

This worked 100% fine on one box, but the other has a strange problem.

Some of the films show a blank black box on the library/wall, but when I click into the film itself the artwork is there.

I’ve tried to edit metadata again, but it still does not show the I,age on the wall.

Any ideas?

We have a few more improvements coming in the 6.4.4 update which is due out soon.

Thanks James.

I don’t think this is related to the version because the same thumbnails show up fine on my other ATV 4K with the same files.

Did you try 6.4.4? It’s available and as James said, they have been working on issues over the last several releases. Just to cover the bases.