No synopsis

I decided to give infuse another swirl. Renewed my sub, upgraded to infuse 7. All seemed fine, except I have no synopsis for every movie.

Movie gets identified correctly, mediainfo is correct, poster is correct, just no synopsis.

I have re-installed infuse 7.
I have deleted the infuse 6 folder in iCloud. (I do not want to use iCloud sync).
Deleted shares
Entered them back
Toggled hide spoilers

I am lost. Am I missing something else?

Oh, also no actors images.

Is this affecting all title or just a few?

Are you seeing this with movies or TV shows (or both)?

Do you have Metadata Fetching enabled in Infuse > Settings > General?

The fetch metadata option is enabled. TV Shows are the same. Even tried an individual or title refresh for both scenarios with the edit option. No change.

So weird that it is only the synopsis and cast and crew pictures.

Sorry, forgot. Yes all titles.

Just a note, the actor/crew pics won’t be included yet. For now they are just place holders. They’ll be included soon.

What device are you using?

Apple TV 4K

I don’t think it would affect your issue but could I ask why you turned off iCloud sync? That really will save a ton of time if the ATV decides to clear out info from infuse for another app if the shared storage on the ATV gets low. iCloud sync saved me several hours a couple of times.

I already turned iCloud sync off. That screwed around with infuse in the past. So I by default do not use it. I just had to remember to turn it off after the clean install of infuse.

Just read your reply better. You ask why I disabled iCloud sync. In the past it did sometimes overwrite changes made manually. Maybe things have changed and it is worth a try again.

At first I thought that indeed iCloud was the issue, since at my first reinstall attempt, infuse already had movies and TV Shows populated, just placeholder posters. At that point I saw that iCloud was enabled due to the reinstall. Turned it off. Deleted all infuse folders in iCloud itself (not through the ATV4K). Reinstalled infuse, immediately disabled iCloud. This resulted in an totally empty infuse. Added the Movies share, stated the fetch process and still no synopsis. Everything else is there.

For the cast and crew. Thanks for the info. Not a big deal.

Would it be possible to have you post a screen cap of what you’re seeing on the movie page where the synopsis should be? Just trying to visualize what you’re seeing.

Since I do not know how to grab a screen from the APTV4K, this highly professional photo :grinning:

Heck I was looking for the studio copyright marks… :wink:

Have you tried swiping up or down on the trackpad to see if it may be below?

This part 2 the sequel. The bottom part.

Okay, I’m stumped (in all fairness though it doesn’t take much at times). I’m going to have to defer to @james for any more ideas. Sorry!

What type of device are you streaming from?

Do you have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled in Settings > General?

Are there any XML or NFO files near your videos?

What happens when you use the Edit option and reselect the correct title?


We found it.

Streaming from a Synology NAS which is setup for emby.

The embedded is disabled, but the nfo file did the trick.

I deleted the nfo from one of the movies, used the edit option to refresh and see the result.

In the meantime emby has created the nfo again and using edit to refresh after this, removes the synopsis again.

Does this mean nfo files are not allowed for infuse or is this considered a bug?

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Do these have correct info if you browse them in the Emby web UI?

If so, you might consider connecting via the Emby integration which would avoid issues with NFO files. This can be done in Settings > Shares > Connect to Media Server.

Also, if you can post one of these nfo files we can take a look and see what’s going on.

I tried your suggestion and emby is asking to setup emby connect. Tried that several times and I was not able to get it going.

For now I deleted all nfo files and the synopsis is showing.

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For future reference, if you don’t want to use Emby connect you can login to your Emby server directly by selecting the ‘Other Emby…’ option.

I guess if it’s working now then it’s all good. :slight_smile: