No Syncing with iTunes


ATV1 here: with aTV Flash 4.4 installed and Apple TV v3.0.2 

When I select my ATV1 in iTunes from my desktop, it has none of the iTunes functionality it once had. No syncing at all. Just a screen showing Name, Capacity, Software Version and Serial number. The “Settings” selector is grey and not working (see attachment). I can select the Photos but they don’t show on my TV - I cannot make purchases (rent movies) through my ATV1 either. I’m not sure what I did or if I clicked something that caused this. When I first installed aTV Flash, I was able to see and use my ATV1 through iTunes just like nothing ever was changed while also having all the added features that aTV Flash provided.

I have gigs of movies that I FTPed to my ATV1 - I am able to see them and watch them via Nito. I was gong to do a reinstall from USB flash drive but I don’t want to loose what I have stored on my ATV1 due to overwrite.

I am hoping I just clicked a setting unintentionally.

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Did you recently “upgrade” to iTunes 10.5? …