No Sync With iPhone


I have just bought Infuse Pro as I discovered the app a few days ago - love how it can play my videos. I have installed it on my Apple TV (4k) and it works great. I have just downloaded on my phone as well (iPhone 11).

However, no settings have transferred over at all - it’s a blank app and if I add shows they don’t line up with what is watched on the Apple TV.

I have checked the “sync” option is on and the iCloud check mentioned in the FAQ. I have also linked to the same Trakt account on both devices but that doesn’t help either.

Please could someone help me?


For reference, all the content I have is stored in a Google Drive share (in case that may be causing an issue).

Can you check to ensure you are using the same Apple ID on both devices, and have iCloud Drive enabled on both devices as well?

A bit more info on the requirements for iCloud Sync can be found here.

Note: Often times people will use different Apple IDs for iCloud and the App Store. This is fine, you will just want to make sure you are using the same pair on both devices.

I tried all of that but no luck. I’ve turned it all off and on again as well.