No Sync of Watched Status for complete Season


I activated iCloud sync so that my iPad and Apple TV 4K is in sync, especially with my watched status. However, I noticed a sync problem if I set the watched status for a whole season on my Apple TV 4K. These watched status settings won’t be synced correctly and I can not see that the season is already watched on my iPad. Is that a general problem? If I set the watched status for only an episode, everything works and the watched status is synced properly between tvOS and iOS. But not for a complete season.

In addition, I can not find any way to set a complete season to watched on my iPad/iOS. Is that not possible? If not, please add this feature. Otherwise, it is frustrating and time-consuming. Furthermore, please add a possibility to set the watched status for a complete series (including all seasons and episodes).

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Watched status are currently synced through, and a bit more info on how this works can be found here.

Hello James,

thank you for the information about the sync option. I will try this.

Could you answer also the other question? I can not find the setting to set a season to watched in iOS.

Best regards

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