No sync after upgrading to Ver 7

I just upgraded my ipad to ver 7 after purchasing a yearly subscription but I have no media files showing up in it at the moment? My previous version is connected to my google drive. Am I doing something wrong?

Am I going to get any assistance here or do I request a refund on my subscription?

What version did you upgrade from?

Was it a stand alone pro or was it a subscription update?

Was iCloud sync turned on in the prior version? Is it turned on in the new version?

I upgraded from Ver 5 Pro. It was a standalone update.
Yes icloud sync was turned on in the previous version and yes it is turned on this this version

I should add that I can see all media on my ipad in version 7 and just confirmed that icloud sync is switched on. However nothing is showing up in ver 7 on my Apple TV

I’ve somehow sorted it out now

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That would have been a good clue. Glad you got it sorted. :+1:

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