No surround sound. Using Roku

I have several videos that do not play 5.1 or other surround sound when using Infuse with my IPad 10. Some are ripped from dvd which have surround sound and then I process them with video proc for improved quality and correct audio. They register as ac3 etc and in infuse show the sound as being Dolby 5.1 etc in the description. My audio receiver shows that it is supposed to be Dolby . All my streaming channels work with surround. Downloads do not work etc,. I am streaming Infuse through Roku Ultra. The settings seem to be correct if everything else is working. Thoughts? Bottom lineā€¦.Using InfusecPro to stream is not actually working with multi channel sound. If I burn those same files to a blu ray or d d or transfer them to a usb to play through the Roku, the sound is there.