No support for other firecore products?

I have been trying in vain to get some help on ATV Flash. not being answered on those forums, I came here since this appears to be active…

I’m seeing that when firecore launches a new product, the old products are left to die. That doesn’t bode well for Infuse, and anyone who purchases it.

Firecore used to be on the ball about support… it appears that ATVflash (silver) was pulled since I last sent firecore messages about it.

I’m a little frustrated. Please put the last known good/working configuration of ATVflash(silver) back up. And I just purchased 2 black ATV’s… but I’m VERY hesitant to install the black flash version because of the track record for silver lately.

Right now, this is an epic fail, and my confidence in Infuse and FireCore in general has plummeted.

I agree! I’m Having the same issue.