No success adding a picture to a folder with collection of movies


I´m a new user of Infuse 6pro and am running it on my apple TV. I have a collection of movies in a subfolder in my movie folder. All the movies in that subfolder has the same “author” and I´m trying to add a picture (cover/folder art?) for that folder. It looks so dull beside all the other movies that is displayed with its movie posters. I have tried naming the chosen jpg picture as instructed in the guide “Metadata an Cover Art” here but I have no success. Thankful for some guidance. /Magnus

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What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

Hi. Thank you for your reply. I’m streaming to my Apple TV via wifi from a WD Nas through SMB protocol.
If I add a picture next to the folder with the same name as the folder, or inside the folder named folder.jpg or the same name as the folder and choose to use local metadata it still doesn’t work. And choosing local metadata also makes me loosing all covers for these movies that had them added from internet.
I’m probably doing some things wrong, just haven’t been able to find out what.

The function and the interface of the app otherwise is superb.

No solution? //Magnus

First, don’t select “Use Local Metadata” that’s only for when you are going to provide all of the graphic and textual .xml files.

You’ll want to place your graphic inside of the folder you want it to show on and name the graphic “folder.jpg” Stick with pics that are 1000 x 1500 and it should work fine when browsing your movies folder from a favorite. This doesn’t work when browsing via the Library.

Thanks! I will try that.

Update: I did like you described and now it works - thanks for the help!

Glad you got things like you wanted! :wink:

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