No subtitles on Netflix

A few months ago Netflix launshed their service here in Norway. I subscribe to their service and use my apple TV 2 to display it on my TV. My AppleTV is jailbreaked according to the instructions and updated with the last version of aTV Flash. My problem is that I can’t get the subtitles to work. I know how to turn them on, but no subtitles is displayed.

Any suggestions to how to fix this problem? I have tried to google the problem, but can’t find any with a jailbreaked version of AppleTV.


I have the same problem with subtitles here in Sweden and I can not find a solution.

I have figured out that the problem was the AppleTV firmware.

After I connected the AppleTV to a laptop running Itunes I restored and upgraded the firmeware. Now I have a problem jailbraking it again. The problem is that the Seas0nPass software wont run om my computer with windowsXP.

I will try again with a different computer when I get around to it. As the latest jailbreak is tethered, I can not use my normal computer unless i get some longer cables.