no subtitles in 3.3.3

if installed ATV 2.2 with atv version 3.3.3 but now i dont have any subtitles anymore. if run smartupdater but still no subs.
anybody have an answere???

would be helpful to be more specific.
files, dvds? extra sub-files? what format? mplayer, dvd framework?

using nitoTV with Video_ts Files witch is a copy of original. When i was using 2.1 with 3.3.1 it work fine but now with version 2.2 and 3.3.4 ore 3.3.3 it doen’t work. And when i start i see the menu of the dvd but cannot select all opions, it skips a view.

blackback mode is mixed and i have run the smartinstaller

ah, ok. my remote is not working properly with 3.3.3 either

try switching the subs via the keymap function, i.e. press and hold menu during playback until the led blinks amber. then you can change audio with “up” and subs with “down” on the remote. lags a bit, so be patient.

playback setting “mixed” does not affect dvd-payback.