"no space left on device" - how to safely clean up disk space

I just updated to the latest beta last night. Then tonight, I went to nitoTV and told it to “upgrade all”. And it failed, telling me that there was no space left on device. Now I can’t even uninstall nitoTV from the “Manage Extras” menu; I get the same “out of space” message.


So I figure I need to delete someting, probably after SSHing into my AppleTV. But I am unsure what. :slight_smile: I’m familar with desktop Linux and the command line, but I don’t know what is safe to delete on an AppleTV.


Suggestions, anyone?



aTV Flash=beta

I think I may have just solved my own problem. Luckily, it seems to be Debian-based. So I did a “apt-get clean” to clean up the apt cache, and now I was able to update my nitoTV. Next up to “Update all”.


Sorry for the confusion.