No Sound


I have been using ATV flash for quite sometime and have never had an issue untill the latest Apple update, hopefully someone can help me. My problem is I am not getting sound on some of my .mov files.

I really like using the Apple TV media player rather than Nito so what I do is rip my DVD’s using the ATV preset in Handbrake. I do have some Divx & Xvid movies that I converted to .mov files using Apple TV Fooler script which I then add to my Itunes library and would play nicely on my Apple TV through the My Movies menu. It seems to be only the converted Divx & Xvid files that are not playing with sound.

This problem occurred only after I updated to Apple TV 3.0 update. I am currently running the latest versions of both Apple TV and the Flash.

Is this something that I will not be able to do now or is there a work around?