no sound with atv flash 3.6.3 and firmware 2.4

Hi everybody,

i updated my atv with the latest firmware 2.4 and flashed it with atv flash 3.6.3.
Unfortunately I can’t hear the sound of my movies that are streamed via itunes 9.

After beeing sick of that problem I restored my atv to 2.0.2 and flashed it again with 3.6.3.
So I can hear sound of the movies again but that can’t be the solution for it.

Do you have an advice for me? Thanks a lot.


The only thing I can think of is that some extension or plugin gets moved when the Apple TV was upgraded to 2.4. We’ve seen it where you just have to move the extension back into the correct folder. If you want me to look further into it, let me know.

hi madcran,
thx for your reply.
so, I’m still on 2.0.2. Where is my plugin and where I do have to copy it?
I just know that perian doesn’t work with firmware 2.4. Thats why I decided to buy atvflash.
regards, doni

I update to atv flash 3.6.4 and now have no sound in movies.

strange… i resetted my atv. upgrated to latest firmware 3.0.1 and applied the atvflash-stick… and? still no sound…
anyone an idea?
thanks, doni

Are you connected via HDMI?

yes, via hdmi.

anyone an idea? :confused: