No Sound with AppleTV Music Files

I recently updated to version 3.4.3 on my AppleTV and installed boxee without problems. I have no sound when playing My Music Files on the Apple TV. There is also no audio if I try to preview music on the iTunes music store. If I play You Tube Videos, other files on an attached USB hard drive, they all play fine with normal audio.

I see a similar issue back in October, but no recent posts or definitive solutions

i have the same problem exactly with 3.4.5.
chale, could you solve it some way?

3.5 is out now, but this seems to have been the solution for someone else, if you need further specific details let me know:

I haven’t updated to 3.5 but I reinstalled and it took care of the issue. My biggest complaint has been how random flashes seem to work or not work. I had to try about 8 before I got one to work properly. I am interested to see if 3.5 makes it easier.

installed to 3.5 was working fine and then all of a sudden I upgraded to 3.5.1 and I am unable to play my apple tv music files. All other sounds files seem ok.

I am reading some posts on installing h264 codec back to the user/frontrow/quicktime folder.

we shall see… very annoying. I expect instructions for this type of thing saying “this is a known issue” or “we recommend this”. I am very annoyed that release notes sticky in the forum DO NOT SAY what changes have been made.

Did you upgrade the Apple TV software to 2.3.1 prior to installing aTV Flash 3.5.1?

You can view the currently installed version in the Settings > General > About menu. aTV Flash 3.5.1 is best coupled with 2.3.1.

No I didn’t. When I go to update my AppleTV it says something to the effect that your apple tv cannot check for updates at this time. It does have internet connectivity because I am able to get to the iTunes store without problem.

It would really help if on the sticky for the latest upgrade, the feature changes and installation recommendations be listed or at least in some other prominent place. Maybe include it as a text document with the download of the software for all to read.

What should I do at this point. I can’t update to 3.5.1. I have automatic update turned off on the apple tv but I can’t manually update either…


You can toggle the update feature on/off through the Maintenance menu. Select ‘Enable ATV Update’ then restart the Apple TV for the settings to take effect.

The install stated files already installed. When I reboot the aTV, I do not see any selections such as NitoTV, etc, only Apple TV. I was forced do a factory restart, update to 3.2.1 and then install off the flash drive.