no sound, rattling noise

i’ve got another problem with nitoTV. when i try to watch movie files through nitoTV (nitoTV>files>movies), there’s no proper sound, just a rattling noise. at the same time, when i’m opening the file through Sapphire (media>movies) or XBMC everything works fine.

What type of file are you attempting to play?

i was trying to play *.avi files.

Hello, I am a newby here and also totally new to AtV
curious about, this item. I get the same behavior. latest updates and latest appletv update
I tried it also with .avi files but the extra info I have: the sound info was AC3 5.1


I had the same problem.
Now solved it by
Nito TV > Settings > General settings > File playback mode : mplayer
As I understand, the Quick Time playback does not work properly yet.
My sound goes to receiver via Optical cable.