No sound on some files


maybe I’m not doing something right here but I have some files whose audio will not play. It makes a loud noise when the file first plays and then nothing. Video shows up fine

Everything is up-to-date on my ATV2/ATV flash black and it only happens with some of my files (DVD AUDio/VIDEO TS structure, MKV, WMV). This has been happening since I first got ATV Flash Black 6 months ago.

I’ve tried to fiddle with AC3 settings to no avail. 

Anyone else with the same issue?


Never seen that before, and I have used pretty much every file type supported. How does it sound on your PC ?

Files sound just fine on the PC.

Are you connecting to an AV receiver or just a TV?

just a TV

Can you try disabling the AC3 and DTS options found in the Media --> Settings menu?

If you’re still having trouble please send in a bug report.