No sound on iTunes videos

I’m using Infuse as a replacement for the new on the iPad, as it no longer supports continuous playback. I synchronise all of my content manually from iTunes for Mac via USB, so all the content I’m viewing in Infuse comes from having “Show iTunes Videos” selected (there is no content, otherwise).

Some programmes (that play fine with audio, when using the don’t have any audio on Infuse. I think this is all the content that I have ripped from my own DVDs (using Handbrake), since downloaded content plays ok with audio.

The ripped content says it is “H.264/MPEG-4 part 10 480p AAC” and when I check the settings and the audio tab, it just says “Audio tracks: None”.

Where has the audio gone from these? Like I say, they play just fine when using the

We have resolved one issue related to missing audio tracks for the upcoming 5.6.7 update, and it’s possible this will resolve what’s going on in your case.

5.6.7 will be available soon.

Thanks a lot.

That’s great news, thanks.

Sadly the 5.6.7 update hasn’t fixed this issue. There’s still no sound track for iTunes content that’s been ripped from DVD, even though the same content plays fine in the native TV app.

Please continue to look in to this for us!



Any chance you’d be able to send in a sample video we could review here? This would probably allow us to track this down and get it resolved quickly.

‘A Spot of Decorating’ should be with you now (uploaded to J. Abeler). It’s the file from iTunes and plays fine using the Tv app, but no sound track in Infuse.

Thanks for investigating!

I’m having the same issue. Like drfrot, I sync from iTunes. I use windows instead of a Mac but I view all my content from having “show iTunes Videos” selected. My content shows the same thing and the audio track section also says none.

We’ve managed to track down and resolve this. :slight_smile:

The fix will be available in the upcoming 5.6.9 update which is due out soon.