No sound from Streaming iTunes library...

I installed the 3.4.4 update freshly after it came out by restoring AppleTV… updating AppleTV… installing ATVflash… etc. I went thru it twice now thinking something was “kinked” the first time around, but each time I lose sound output during playback from iTunes library located on iMac that I’ve setup for Streaming instead of Syncing to the AppleTV. It has sound output before I install ATVflash. The library and playlist appear on the AppleTV, and the playback is visualized on the screen, but no sound. All videos play fine with audio and otherwise the version has been great.

Anyhow, I just saw that there was yet another update in 3.4.5 recently released and thought I would check to see if anyone had this issue and if 3.4.5 fixes it. Also, is it safe to simply install 3.4.5 over the previous version, or do I have to go through from restore again (gets kind of tiresome).

Thanks for your help.

You can install 3.4.5 over whichever version you have on the AppleTV, the only changes will be that you might have to run the update command for Boxee and XBMC, but everything else should keep its settings. Unfortunately all my iTunes audio has always worked fine so I’m not sure if 3.4.5 fixes that problem or not. Did you install QuickTime from the Maintenance menu?

Thanks for responding madcran… I did not install Quicktime from the Maintenance menu… should I have? I don’t recall having to do that in previous versions, would that be the problem?

The only thing I can think of is some codec is causing your streaming problems. QuickTime may or may not fix it, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

It seemed to be fixed, then suddenly stopped working again. Then I re-installed over the top of it again, and it worked for a while, then stopped working again. I found another post where they think it might be a bug where you lose this functionality when you playback a movie with AAC audio for the first time. Not sure, haven’t re-installed yet to test this theory. Will when I have time.

Here is the other post.