No Sound from iTunes library after using Sapphire AAC

After I have successfully played a movie with AAC sound via Sapphire, regular AppleTV audio output (such as through the iTunes application using music stored on the AppleTV) does not work. That is, the audio file plays, but no audio is heard.

The only way I have been able to fix this is to reinstall ATVFlash 3.4.5 over the top of my existing 3.4.5 installation.

Is this a known problem, and are there any fixes for it?

It is happening the same to me.
It seems its a bug.

Thanks for confirming that it’s not just me. Hopefully the next version of ATVFlash will fix this bug?

Were there any codecs you installed independently of aTV Flash (E.G. did you select Install Perian in nitoTV?)

No, I haven’t changed any codecs since installing 3.4.5. I may have done this on an earlier point release, but not certain. But definitely not for the latest release.

Glad I found this, thought I was going crazy. I’ve re-installed a few times and my iTunes library works for a while and then just suddenly no more sound. I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on, but I’m guessing I must have played a movie with AAC in there at some point. I have mostly AVI files, but I also noticed the few MP4 video files I have stopped playing the video part at the same time the iTunes audio stops working. Is there a general MPEG corruption bug?

You know it might be this problem.