No SMB network access, broken

Just purchased and installed the latest 3.5.1 (0.71 nitoTV) on a take 2 AppleTV running the latest 2.3.1 firmware.

SMB is definitely NOT working, at all.
Setup an SMB share on my local Mac Pro and configured the AppleTV exactly per the wiki article and nothing.
Just mount failed, no error message or anything.

Looks like this is an issue with the latest version of nitoTV. Does anyone know if there is a fix in the works?
If not, how can I roll back to the previous working version of nitoTV? Since I just purchased ATVFlash, it appears I don’t have download access to any version prior to 3.5.1, or I would just downgrade.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on installing 0.65 nitoTV if that’s the only option at this point?


Make sure you run the nitoTV ‘Smart Installer’ and restart the Apple TV prior to attempting to access an SMB share. Smart Installer is located in: nitoTV > Settings > Install Software. This will need to be re-ran anytime a new Apple software update is installed.

First thing I did after installing ATV Flash.

Have you followed the instructions in the above link???

Thanks for directing me to that post, but I was able to get AFP working instead.
Sorry for not updating the thread earlier.

AFP successfully running on a Take 2 AppleTV - yes, it can be done!
Kudos to scrubadub for piecing this together, very helpful indeed.
Thread here:

So you couldn’t get SMB to work? I’m waiting for confirmation as to SMB is working before I upgrade to 3.5.1.

Nope, never got SMB working on 3.5.1.
Though, in fairness, after a few hours with no luck, I started pursuing AFP as a better option, albeit poorly documented.
I followed ATV’s wiki article to a t, but no dice. Seemed to me like the SMB issues were more related to the latest nitoTV release. Some had success with a roll back of nitoTV, but 3.5.1 was my first download, so not an option for me.

Alright, thanks mate - I’ll give it a bit more time before I upgrade then.


I’ve just managed to SMB working - seems to be no different then before, I even used the old mount.plist file…

I have the same problem. Latest apple TV software (as of 3/22/09) and atvflash 3.5.1 and it does not work. I’ve ran smart installer, and followed instructions exactly. It worked great before the latest atv update (my wife updated it on accident) but doesn’t work now. Any timelines on a fix?

I get the same generic “network mount failed” message as everyone else.

Sorry to be so blunt…why are you wasting your time on SMB?

I have AFP working on a 2.3.1 Apple TV running on ATV Flash 3.5.1 and everything works perfectly…

These are Leopard Server volumes that are being automounted without issue.

I use Nito 0.71 for playing Video_TS and Boxee ( c/w Launcher 3 Beta4 ) for Internet Streams ( BBC iPlayer ) and playing .m4v - All of these are being streamed over a 802.11n network.



Have you shared your folders from the PC that’s acting as the server - I’m using a XP Pro box as a server sharing mutliple folders and it works perfectly…

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